Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cafe Melba

 A not bad cafe found.
BUT 1 bad thing,
Close too early..
Dun like...
Foods is not bad la.
The pasta is nice!
Too dark.
Cannot take good pix.
Haha... if wan good piz.. Sit indoor!

Friday, December 28, 2012

New cafe found.

Visited this cafe on my off day.
Heard so much abt this cafe.
Its open by a grp of coffee lovers who once had a cafe in bukit timah.
The old cafe.
They dun really charge for their coffee.
U just pay them any amt u think u wan to give.

This cafe is different.
They priced all their stuffs.
Its how a cafe can earn anyway!

Their decor and concept is really good.
But one bad thing.
Its ALWAYS crowded and there is lack of seats.
I wanted a table for myself to do stuff while waiting for my fran..
And its a weekday noon.
ANd i gotta wait for like 20mins.
The cafe exterior.
Dun look like a cafe at all..
I love the blue skies.
The retro gate.
When u peep in. U see another world!
Things i ordered.
Simple stuffs makes me happy!
There is endless of crowds.
Pple comes in and out.
And after dinner. Of cos is dessert time.
Visit this cafe.. They served ice-cream and fries.
And i can't resist fries...
Hahahha LOOK at the AMT of things we eat again!!
Yummy day!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

East cafe explore

Visit this cafe in the east for a fran's bday.
Nice place.. But its quite pack consider its quite ulu!

I like it when i can have a small corner by the side,
ANd i like it when i can have a Big round table with my frans.
This place fits all occassion.
The food here is nice.
abit ex though
But... the coffee is nice!
I choose the curry chicken with the bread as my main.
Its too filling.
Cant finish the whole thing.
I like the fries.
I cant resist fries. Haha

Go visit this place when u are ard the east.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little hideout in town

On my way for a sunday day out with my kakis!
Sunday drive is good.
Good skies!
We went for our brunch 1st.
Read that this is a new cafe in esplanade.
Open by awfully chocolate.
The food is nice.
With not much pple!!
The food is ok.
I like to coffee there.
Cake is nice too!
The food is not bad.
Just the portion is not wat i expected!
When you have a good brunch,
you enjoy the rest of the day!
Life is good!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Coffee and Food all ard sg!

Been wanting to try this cafe...
So after massage, i jioed my kaki here for some kopi..
This is a very very small cafe.

But i think its all united by frans.
I aso wan a cafe like this..
Sob sob!!
They have nice coffee there
But the seats are not very comfortable.
So pple wun sit long.
What u wan in the end?
A cafe with pple who feel comfortable and sit long but u wun have seats for other guest?
A cafe with pple who dun have a comfortable seats and finish their drinks and leave.?

I like a cafe with comfortable seats and environment and relaxing place.

Their cakes are nice too.
I see they have frans there making cakes on spot.
If i open a cafe...
Frans who know how to bake... wan to come bake for me?? Hahaha
Explore the area after cafe jumping.
Haha i LOVEeeeeeeeeee the skies....
Magic hr is what i call it...
I love empty road.
Haha feels like sleeping on it!
What is ahead of me?
After that. Meet up at Serangoon for some tw beer and food.

The food not bad.
Lychee beer is nice.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cafe visits!

Seriously needed a break from work.
I am glad i came. I like this cafe. SImple and nice.
My food here.
Not bad at all.
Comfort food makes me happy.
But it never solve the problems. i know!
My coffee.
Cheers me up!
Soup for dinner. Warm my nite.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cafe Hopping again!

To cafe hopping with my xoxo gal!
Trying this cafe today
And we all took public transport.
Nice place.
Quite big.
But scv abit slow.
Food wise is good.
Not those FANTASTIC type.But i like it.
Haha... Simple food always makes me happy!
Our All day breakfast.
Haha... Simple food BUT taste nice when u have all the time in the world to eat it!
Love it!